Monday, September 29, 2014

Wise as serpents harmless as doves

Another transfer is over here in the mission field. Thats 3 down now. On my 4th planner now. Elder Barton and I went to see St Ninians cave last p-day, which is the first place that christianity landed in scotland, in about 400ad or something. Right at the beginning of the great apostasy, funny that, probably explains all the false doctrines that are prevailing around here.

Oh so, I was speaking with a Less active in the Branch, who is a Mcgilvary, like Dads grandma, and I was saying to him that I really liked his Mcgilvary hunting tartan that he had for a kilt, and he said he knew a guy that could get it discounted if I might want some (its a really rare really expensive tartan) so I said that would be awesome. He talked to the guy, and the guy just sent him like 5 meters of it and said just pay me whenever. So now I have 5 meters of mcgilvary hunting tartan to make a kilt, but i need about £150 to pay for it haha. Sorry about that, he didnt mean to get it sent to him yet, it was a bit of an accident. Maybe dont worry about a birthday package this year, haha.   

This week was rough on numbers. To be honest I have felt pretty sad lately. I have been in Stranraer for 4 and a half months and we havent been able to improve anything, no members reactivated, the active members arent doing any more missionary work really, no baptisms, I have been struggling to find what our purpose is in Stranraer. I keep asking the Lord why we are here, what he wants us to accomplish. I dont know what it is yet. So we just keep trying our hardest. Its tough sometimes. In the Book of Mormon when Ammon was busy converting King Lamoni and all of his people, his brothers Aaron and Omner had been called to go among a different people among the lamanites, where they had no success, they were even cast into prison and tortured. Im really greatful that we arent in prison but of late I have felt a little bit like Aaron rather than Ammon, being called to preach to a stiff necked people that wont hearken to the words of the Lord. I am trying really hard to have more faith to find the people that God has prepared here, but it doesnt seem to be working so far. My faith is really being put to the test. It makes sense I guess, the Lord himself withheld things from Mormon when he was compiling the Book of Mormon saying "I will try the faith of my people", I guess thats what the Lord is doing right now. Maybe, Im not too sure. 

Cant say as I really have a solid answer to those questions yet, we are working as hard as we can, I guess thats all that matters. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What's The Crack?



Hello All, Its been a whole other week already. How time flies.

This week has been an adventure for sure, our investigator pool is beginning to dwindle. Which means... you know it... HARDCORE FINDING! We are taking up the restoration tackle tactic, it consists of tackling people and then showering pass along cards on them while they are down.
So thats actually not how we do it, but maybe its worth a try. We have been having a hard time with finding lately, and its been a real struggle. For all those return missionaries reading this, what do you do when things get tough? YOU GET TOUGHER! Get some real spiritual pushups going. A little bit of gusto never hurts. Our weekly planning session this week was almost all about what we are going to do to intensify everything. Im excited for this week, are you?

Today I would like to give some lovely shout outs to some wonderful examples. First goes to Elder Jack Goodwin, the rock, Satan thinks he is clever, but Elder Goodwin is a monster of spiritual inspiration. We can all learn something of perseverance from him. He is able to take situations that seem bleak and difficult and even boring, and turn it into an opportunity for both growth, and strengthening. Strengthening for both himself and others.
And the other is for Shelly-Anne Haisman, she has been able to have the wonderful blessing of bringing a friend into the gospel. For those of you who dont know her she was only baptized herself about a year ago. And since even before her baptism has been an amazing example of what a saint, and a missionary is.

There are so many other people I could praise, but today we will stick with 2. My lovely friends, the Lord God, is hastening his work. We can either sit back and watch, and miss what is possibly the most exciting time in the history of the world, or we can roll our sleeves up, get involved, and share the harvest that the Lord is gathering up for himself. The war that we are fighting is called the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is ongoing, and it is a winning fight. Despite popular secular belief, we cannot be defeated. Like the Stripling Warriors who fought under the direction of the great Helaman, we must trust in the word of the Lord which has been taught to us by those most dear. Yes Mum, thats you <3. Let us take up our swords of truth and go about doing good, and INVITING people to come unto Christ. Simply "living" the Gospel will not cut it. To truly live the Gospel, we must share it. And we can do it, even if we think we cant. Jesus Christ is with us. If you feel like he isnt pick a random section of the Doctrine and Covenants and go read. The Lord is with his people, you are his people.

I love each of you, thankyou for the inspiration you give me in your wonderful examples. Happy Birthday to my Dad for this week, you are a great example to me as well.

God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Tang