Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zone development and running around

New mission car Audi R8 everyone in Aberdeen has one of these babies..

So my week. It was pretty busy, we had a Zone Conference that Elder Dickinson and I had to train at. Lovely benefits of being a Zone Leader, it took us so long to plan. We were talking about Revelation through Church attendance, as in revelation for investigators. It went ok, but I think it couldve been just a little bit better. Hopefully next time we will have it down. We also just did a lot of finding. Weird though, Elder Dickinson was talking to this girl in the library when we were emailing last week and he invited her to come play sports with us at the church and with the other missionaries. So she came, and we taught her the next day, but later in the week she texted us asking if he and I wanted to go out with her and her friends on saturday night, that was really awkward. SO obviously we said no and we had to go over our whole purpose and explain it, but I feel really uncomfortable about that whole thing now. We are still teaching her, and she came to church, and in the lessons asked heaps of good questions. Elder Dickinson said that this has happened to him quite a lot, but I never had anything like that, apparently he knows what he is doing...  So we will see how this ends up turning out, whether we still teach her or we drop her. Then yesterday we had Zone development day which is always loads of fun. Except its a little more hectic when we are planning it, so you dont get to relax quite as much, it was still heaps of fun though. Now my body is so sore, we just played sports all day and did slacklining and flips and all of that good stuff. 

This week coming up we have even more hectic stuff. We wont be in our area proselyting until Thursday because today we need to drive all the way to inverness to do a baptismal interview and then drive back to elgin to exchange with Elder Fisher and Elder Miller. That will be pretty nuts, Elder Dickinson cant drive either so I get the lovely job of 4 and half hours of driving today. Oh man. I will need some snacks and some coke for sure. Just when you think life could not possibly get any more hectic it does. 

Oh and we had to get up at 5 this morning to take the Shetland Elders to the airport so they could catch their plane back to the shetland islands. Oh man oh man oh man. 

Well its just a crazy time. Zone conference was really good though, President Brown gave some instruction on the Holy Ghost and so did the AP's. It was really uplifting and was great to come together and recieve some revelation. Good fun. Well here are some photos. 

Love you. 

Elder Tang

Zone Development was actually warm enough to wear shorts! Crazy! 

Now the whole Zones flipping out!

My best parallel park ever

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So Ill just tell you quickly how its going. Aberdeen is really nice and we have some work to do with the ward but for the most part they are really good too. Elder Dickinson is from Nottingham in England and he is really awesome. Being a Zone Leader is nothing short of exhausting. There is so much that needs to be done. I think I might have to say goodbye to going to bed at 10 for a while. We have too many things that need to get done. So its pretty busy all the time, so we dont get as much time as every one else to go contacting and teaching and stuff like that, but I think the Lord makes sure we can keep up because the results of our work dont seem to suffer too much in the long run. 

Our flat is so nice. The bathroom has a big tub with jets and its so big that you dont even need a shower curtain, how cool is that?! Its cool going form the small stinky dirty flat in dundee to this one. Not that thats real motivation to move haha. So all in all its been pretty good here. We have some appointments tonight for 3 new investigators so if all goes according to plan today will be an incredible day. Fingers crossed... maybe arms crossed and head bowed is a more appropriate term. Patch is in the field now, I just emailed him, he is in Ireland, in Belfast. Thats pretty far away from me. So it looks like I probably wont see him for a while. It seems like they are just keeping me here in Scotland. And Ireland missionaries usually stay over there for quite a while. 

Well Im sorry I dont have too much this week. I love you all. I miss you heaps, I really miss Dundee 2nd ward aswell. But I will survive. We are so busy here that I think I will just be to preoccupied to think about much else really. 

Love ya. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Transfer to Aberdeen

SOOOOOO. Moves call came and I might not see Patch when he gets here because I got called to be a Zone Leader all the way up in Aberdeen. I don't feel as nervous to be a ZL as I did to be a DL, I feel like I have been a little more prepared. SO its pretty exciting stuff, but I might not see him unless he comes to Aberdeen Zone, then we could go on an exchange. Kind of cool though, I get a car again, and I have to look after all of the missionaries in Aberdeen, which covers inverness and other places that's are cool like that. I might be able to see the Loch. Thatd be sweet. 

So this week was ok. I was really nervous about getting moved, and so it made the week go SO SLOW. But we taught Ian which went ok. It didn't go too fantastic, but it didn't go too bad either. He didn't accept our Word of Wisdom invitation, but he is still coming to church and reading and says that he hopes to be able to keep the commandments soon. Its not ideal but its not too bad. Something AMAZING happened this morning. Charlie Williams, one of the members in the ward who I am great friends with (the whole family) called me this morning and told us that their friends who they have been working with for AGES said they want to learn more about the church, like... with the intent of being baptized. ITS AMAZING! They are the perfect people for the church. I guess that's the worst part about moving right now after they finally are ready. Its pretty sad to go and not get to teach them or see them be baptized. But its the most amazing thing ever that they are ready and willing to be taught now. That's just a miracle. So that news just made me immensely happy and also fairly sad. It was a good feeling though.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making progress

This week was pretty good. It was busy. So our investigator is Ian, Dennis is his friend who has been in the church for 50 years. But we taught him this week and it was probably the best restoration lesson I have ever taught. He had read the Restoration Leaflet extensively and he was really prepared to receive the message. He said he would like to be baptized in the near future, and just needs time to make 100% sure that it is absolutely right. So its going good. I don't think I will be able to see his baptism though because I think I am probably moving next week. Its a little sad, I love the members in the ward here, they are really just something else. But it would also be cool to get a new area, especially seeing as this one has been so hard. So I guess it would be bitter sweet. Oh how I would love to see Ians baptism though, that would be something else completely. 

We also had the chance to teach a lesson at the MTC activity, it was a stake youth and ysa activity where they were trying to simulate an MTC experience for a day. It went really well, we taught a lesson about teaching with the spirit and all the missionaries in Dundee (5 companionships) came to help take them all street contacting in Dundee. It was a good day and I think most of them really had some great experiences. 

All in all it was a pretty good week. As all weeks do it had its downs, but I wont bother you with those. I love you heaps, and I hope it all keeps going well for you. Youre the best! 


Elder Tang