Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Transfer to Aberdeen

SOOOOOO. Moves call came and I might not see Patch when he gets here because I got called to be a Zone Leader all the way up in Aberdeen. I don't feel as nervous to be a ZL as I did to be a DL, I feel like I have been a little more prepared. SO its pretty exciting stuff, but I might not see him unless he comes to Aberdeen Zone, then we could go on an exchange. Kind of cool though, I get a car again, and I have to look after all of the missionaries in Aberdeen, which covers inverness and other places that's are cool like that. I might be able to see the Loch. Thatd be sweet. 

So this week was ok. I was really nervous about getting moved, and so it made the week go SO SLOW. But we taught Ian which went ok. It didn't go too fantastic, but it didn't go too bad either. He didn't accept our Word of Wisdom invitation, but he is still coming to church and reading and says that he hopes to be able to keep the commandments soon. Its not ideal but its not too bad. Something AMAZING happened this morning. Charlie Williams, one of the members in the ward who I am great friends with (the whole family) called me this morning and told us that their friends who they have been working with for AGES said they want to learn more about the church, like... with the intent of being baptized. ITS AMAZING! They are the perfect people for the church. I guess that's the worst part about moving right now after they finally are ready. Its pretty sad to go and not get to teach them or see them be baptized. But its the most amazing thing ever that they are ready and willing to be taught now. That's just a miracle. So that news just made me immensely happy and also fairly sad. It was a good feeling though.

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