Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aberdeen update.

This week I just rededicated myself, I felt like I was working hard, but that I could work harder, so I said to myself and to the Lord, "dont hold anything back" And I didnt, I took Dads advice and organized our time so strictly that not a single second was wasted. It was hard and it exhausted me beyond reason, but I never felt better in the face of so much opposition. Something so interesting is what Abraham learned when he found that Ram caught in the thicket. After that terrible and harrowing experience, when Abraham had done the will of the Lord, and all he could do had been done, the Lord provided for Isaac's deliverance. How can we be like Abraham? If God could have found a deeper way to test Abraham, he would have done THAT. Go back and read the command of the Lord to him in Genesis 22. He is commanded to sacrifice, HIS ONLY SON, WHOM HE LOVEST! And because he would have done it, and went all the way to the mount, and lifted the knife, and would have so done, he then knew, that he was completely dedicated to God and to his Son. He needed to know that, we need to know that. Has God asked us to sacrifice something we wouldnt give? I know that I have not been as faithful as Abraham, in order to truly know that we are cleansed, we need that kind of spirit of loyalty to God. I learned this week that we need to Love Him more than we love ourselves. This week was still hard, but I felt like I had done enough to please the Lord, and that was the feeling I needed. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day, This one got lost in the shuffle

Good to hear from you as always. So first off for Mothers Day this week we are going to try to skype at 7:30 pm here. So I think that is in the morning for you. I am not completely sure. But I should be on right around that time. 

This week has been absolutely crazy.

 We had Zone Interview training which was great. Its probably my last interview that I will have with President Brown before he goes home in just a couple of months. I think its like 2 months now. Maybe less. Actually it is less I think. And I saw Elder Neideck, you know I just miss Elder Neideck every single day. That stupid german smile... 

This week we are doing heaps of travelling with all different exchanges and trying to also find new people to teach. Rachael accepted a date for baptism on the 23rd but she wasnt overly committed to it, so I dont know if she has REALLY ACCEPTED it actually. But I guess we will keep teaching her and see how it goes. 

This week is coming up to one year on a mission. Its a strange feeling, on one hand I feel good that I have made it halfway and I am still alive, on the other I sometimes struggle with hoping that God wont ask of me this year what he did last year, that was the hardest year of my life and I dont know if I could survive just doing it again. 

Its interesting to see that so often God asks us to do things that we really just dont think we can do. 

Oh and Mum, in your last week before your date, that desperation you feel is good. It will push you to find someone. Very rarely does God PRODUCE miracles out of nothing. But he helps us to WORK miracles by the grace of Christ and by helping us to do more and to be better. So just remember in your last week you will need to reach out more and talk to more people and invite as many people as you can. Thats the desperation that makes miracles. Thats the desperation that parted the sea in front of Moses when he and the children of Israel had nowhere else to go. Its good for you, even if it is scary. 

Love you Mum, 

you are the best. 

Elder Tang

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Highlands

So After Mothers Day Skype you have all the news. Lots of Driving this week as my companion does not have his full drivers license. So this was a little place we stopped to take a break at up in the Scottish Highlands. 

Zone is doing well, Had trade offs with the Assistants this week which was great. They are in a 3 way at the moment. 

President Brown is leaving soon.

Love my new Comp, here's a picture. 

Glad all is well at home


Elder Tang