Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So Ill just tell you quickly how its going. Aberdeen is really nice and we have some work to do with the ward but for the most part they are really good too. Elder Dickinson is from Nottingham in England and he is really awesome. Being a Zone Leader is nothing short of exhausting. There is so much that needs to be done. I think I might have to say goodbye to going to bed at 10 for a while. We have too many things that need to get done. So its pretty busy all the time, so we dont get as much time as every one else to go contacting and teaching and stuff like that, but I think the Lord makes sure we can keep up because the results of our work dont seem to suffer too much in the long run. 

Our flat is so nice. The bathroom has a big tub with jets and its so big that you dont even need a shower curtain, how cool is that?! Its cool going form the small stinky dirty flat in dundee to this one. Not that thats real motivation to move haha. So all in all its been pretty good here. We have some appointments tonight for 3 new investigators so if all goes according to plan today will be an incredible day. Fingers crossed... maybe arms crossed and head bowed is a more appropriate term. Patch is in the field now, I just emailed him, he is in Ireland, in Belfast. Thats pretty far away from me. So it looks like I probably wont see him for a while. It seems like they are just keeping me here in Scotland. And Ireland missionaries usually stay over there for quite a while. 

Well Im sorry I dont have too much this week. I love you all. I miss you heaps, I really miss Dundee 2nd ward aswell. But I will survive. We are so busy here that I think I will just be to preoccupied to think about much else really. 

Love ya. 

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