Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dundee is actually a place as well as a fictional character

Elder Mulville and I

This half week has been amazing. Elder Mulville is great, he is so relaxed all the time. And the ward is awesome. Its a big ward, about 150 members. Sunday was awesome. 

We are basically starting from ground zero, we aren't working with anyone right now and apparently the members haven't been very supportive of the last few missionaries. But we are going to change all that. We have prayed a lot about helping the members get more excited, and so we spent a lot of time on sunday while I got to know as many people as I could and shook everybody's hand coming in and tried my best to smile and be as warm and friendly as possible. I think we had a good impression. We went to Bishop Keoghs house for dinner and introduced the set a date program from Elder Ballard to their family (they have 10 kids! WOAH!) Sister Keogh jumped on it, she is a real go getter. And Bishop Keogh had some experience with the same program in the past where it worked really well. There are apparently some families that will be a lot harder to win over, but we are off to a great start. 

I didn't really do anything on my birthday but Elder Mulville told one of the Keogh girls that it was my Birthday on Friday and so Sister Keogh has booked us for dinner next week where she will make a late birthday cake, I have never been so pampered in my life. 

Dundee is looking like it going to be awesome, I love that we have an opportunity to work with so many great members to expand the work here. Its really just awesome! Im so excited for this area. 

A little more about Elder Mulville, he is a convert, baptized one year ago, his story is fairly similar to Jacks, so it is really cool to serve with him and to hear his story. He is really smart too, knows heaps about the gospel. I am really excited for this companionship. Its gonna be awesome. 

address is 2/R 174 Lochee rd, Dundee (I am not completely sure about the postcode, but you can probably find it on google maps) 

Elder Tang 

Elder Barton

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