Monday, April 27, 2015

New comps and we are having success

So this week has been a crazy one. Absolutely hectic days for monday through friday. And even for the weekend it was just absolute craziness. Organizing the moves for all of the missionaries in our zone, planning where they will be at each different stage, then executing them. Being a lone Zone Leader for a day or two while Elder Dickinson was gone and Elder Scheuermann was coming in still. So crazy. So on wednesday it was hot, and we found some time to go to the beach, (wednesday was pday because it was moves day) no swimming of course...That was nice, but then the travel plans for some missionaries changed so we had to shoot. But I took a few pictures. Then the rest of the week we were shipping missionaries, planning for trainings we are giving this transfer, planning for the transfer, trying to tract. All of that stuff. Elder Scheuermann has already served in aberdeen ward before though so he doesnt even need to learn his way around, he knows people better than I do, its awesome. I am basically a junior companion haha. Fantastic. 

We had a phone cll with Rachael where she told us about a great experience she had praying this week. She was praying and usually she feels a little bit like she was talking to herself, but this particular time she felt sure that somebody was listening and she was sure that God heard her. How awesome is that? I was pretty chuffed. We were meant to be here today but she is sick so hopefully we will see her another time this week. Hopefully earlier rather than later. Only 6 weeks until Elder Holland comes to give a conference for the missionaries, how sweet is that? About 12 weeks until President Brown goes home and we get a new mission President named President Donaldson. Things are changing big time. You know how I said it was hot on wednesday, yeh well on sunday there was a blizzard that we drove through to get to our dinner appointment with a family whose oldest child is 9 and named Nathanael, even spelt the right way. I never met anybody else that spells it that wat. Sitting at the dinner table was so weird when people were calling Nate and Nathanael, I just kept looking up only to realize they werent talking to me. It was a tricky one. 

This week was just wild. And Elder Scheuermann is cool as anything. I love that guy, we just sing a lot. Its pretty fun, although he is a much better singer than me. 

Love you all. Remember that God offers us repentance even though we dont deserve it, thats called mercy folks, and its wonderful. 

Elder Tang

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