Thursday, October 8, 2015

Success in Edinburgh and St George

Well this week was like day and night since last week. It was really a great week. But first of all it is so nice to hear form you and to hear that things are going well and that you enjoyed conference. Well... now to tell you a little about my week. 

So it was moves week and so it was crazy busy. But you know we got so much good stuff done. We got 8 new investigators this week! 8! Thats my mission record I think. I havent had that at all. Probably of all of them the most solid would be Fiona. She is 19 and studying here in Edinburgh. She is from yorkshire. But she is just so willing to come to church and to try it. It is amazing. When we taught her, we finished the lesson (it was on saturday) and we were trying to set up another appointment. And she asked, "well thats good to set up another lesson, but am I not coming to church with you tomorrow?"  Hahaha. So we explained that conference is a little different but she should still definitely come still, and she came, with no worries. One thing as a missionary that you often worry about is people being friends with your investigator. Well you shouldve seen the YSA flock to her. It was great to see. (She is quite pretty so I guess that could be the thing that initially brought the boys over) But whatever, if she has friends thats all we care about. So we will teach her again this week on wednesday I think. The other investigators we got are looking good too. Some born again christians that want to have us around for dinner and to share a lesson (there are 2 of them) but they also said that they would love to come to church and see. Usually the set back with them is getting them to read the book of mormon with real intent, so we will do some hard out praying about what we need to say and then go by the Spirit to try and help them feel it. I could explain more about our other investigators but I just would not have time or room. So I guess you will learnt the most later about the ones that progress well. 

Then conference was amazing. My favourite session was probably the Saturday afternoon or the Priesthood session. I love Neil L. Andersons talk about faith and gaining and keeping a testimony. That was I think my favourite talk to listen to. And President Eyrings about the Holy Ghost. They were all amazing though. All in all I think it was the most inspiring session of General Conference I have ever attended. 

Anyways I am pretty much fresh out of time. But I love you so much and I miss you all. Could you pass this on to Dad too? I am catching up on a bunch of emails I havent had time to respond to in previous weeks. 

Love Elder Tang

This is one of my best buddy's Jack, who I had the privelge of sharing the gospel with before my mission. He is also a missionary in St George Utah.

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