Saturday, September 26, 2015

Baptisms and converts

The Baptism was the best. The service itself was not all that spectacular. But Sanju is awesome. He came out after the service and said he just wanted to pray with us to see what to do now. So we knelt in the chapel and prayed all together, he was whispering so quietly that we could barely make out half of what he was saying. But the Spirit was strong. He is such an impressive young man. It was Stake Conference this week so he will be confirmed on Sunday, and he asked me to do it. What a blessing. I will send a picture of us with this email. 

Our week was Hectic, we were all over the place. We had a Mission Leadership Council meeting with all the Zone Leaders, and an exchange with the Assistants and with the Stirling Elders which I really enjoyed. And Elder Bangeter is still really sick with something in his Stomach, so we were taking him around to appointments in the car and going on splits with his companion all week. I think Elder Campbell and I only proselyted together on Sunday this week. And only for a couple of hours. We spent ages calling up all of these people we have met but been struggling to get a hold of again and we set up about 6 new investigator appointments for this week. So we should be set up for a good one. 

Anyways. Love you all

Elder Tang

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