Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Barton my son....

This week has been good. We had some good success, we had 3 investigators at church, which is the most Stranraer has had, probably in years. Im not sure. And it was just a really long, really busy weeks all in all. 

Ok let me tell you something about Elder Barton. 

He is a fantastic missionary, really prepared and has really stepped up to the challenges that Stranraer presents. He is from a family of 5, all sisters, he is the youngest. He is the first in his family to serve a mission. He is so tall, 6 foot 4. I feel like a midget. He has a girlfriend in at BYU (he came straight from highschool and she went to college) and she seems pretty cool. He didnt have much to say at first, he was kinda nervous to speak, but he has come miles from where he was. What a killer missionary he is. Ill send a photo. 

I have been getting quite a lot out of my studies lately, I have been studying about a lot of christ like attributes like charity and love and humility, there are so many things I need to improve on. Its actually ridiculous how far we have to come to become like the Saviour, Im not even close. Atleast I have no shortage of things to do in my list of Godlike qualities, always got something I can be busy with. 

I am so excited for Patch to come to the mission, I had a weird feeling he would come here, at first I thought I just hoped, but now I think God maybe revealed it to me a little bit, out of a love for me, just a nice thing for him to do right? He will be a really good missionary, it will be weird to have a missionary here that is family, that will be really cool. I hope I serve close to him so I can see him often. That would be awesome. 

I have had a good week, its been exhausting, but its been good. 

Elder Tang

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