Monday, February 2, 2015

Faith proceeds the miracle

a couple of the boys in the ward felt like they would look good with a badge, they aren't too shabby. 

This week was a pretty slow one. We don't have anyone to teach at the moment and Elder Allred has been sick so we didn't get to do as much finding as we needed to. We really need new investigators but we are really struggling to find them. No one is really willing to listen to what we have to say and actually consider it. So that's been a big struggle. The other teams in the Dundee Bingham Ward are on fire, teaching heaps of people, all college kids, their area covers like 3 college campuses. So it would be awesome to find some investigators like that, but unfortunately most of the people in our area are either really old or on the dole. Finding people is hard. Its probably my least favourite aspect of missionary work because it is by far the hardest. 

Thanks for your email Mum. It was really uplifting and really helped to hear from you, I mean it helps every week, but its especially good lately. It seems like things keep getting harder and harder and when they do it makes hearing from home more and more special I think. I am glad everyone is doing so well. Little Jamesy is going to have the priesthood soon, that's exciting, those are the things I really wish I didn't have to miss. 

Sometimes I feel like I came out on my mission and was helplessly beat with a baseball bat until I cannot stand by myself. Its a pretty grim picture, but you know, Jesus came to earth to be scourged and nailed to a cross and to suffer so much that he needed to ask if there was another way. When you think about it like that, a baseball bat isn't too bad, and I don't think Satan has any more nails. 

Elder Tang. 

This is my best buddy Elder Goodwin, who is serving in St George Utah and always running into Aussies. He is standing here with sister McGown who serves in the visitors centre at the St George temple. We were in Chermside ward when I was going up. Small world. 


  1. Elder Tang

    It is great to read your Posts. This is Elder Jones in Tokyo. Sister Jones and I are having a great Mission. I talked to a couple of different Auzie Japanese. A Brother that was just baptized a few weeks ago and a Young Lady recently returned from Australia Who met with the missionaries last saturday and committed to be Baptized on the 29th of March.
    The Church is True
    The Book is Blue
    And Moroni is on the Ball.

    Elder Jones

  2. Hi Elder Tang this is Brother Lozano from the Las Lomas Ward.
    Just read your post, I hope by the time you read this things have improved. I am glad you are keeping things in prespective and you are keeping the faith.
    It occurred to me as I was reading your post, have you tried looking for service opportunities? These could open the doors to finding people that are ready for the gospel and it would help your spirits. If there are a lot of elederly there, there are probably many needs that need to be met. As you become involved in the community, more opportunities will arise. Also if your companion has been sick for a while, maybe you can go on exchanges for a day or two with other Elders to give you some breathing room, talk it over with your Mission President or your priesthood leaders, I know this can really help from personal experience. And finally, which I am sure you are already doing this, when you cant go out, immerse yourself in the scriptures and polish your message and teaching skills. perhaps keeping in mind different scenarios like teaching and approaching the Elderly or the youth, the highly educated or the not so much, etc.
    Anyway, I hope that the suggestions above are helpful and that your companion is doing better. Keep up the good work and that GREAT ATTITUDE that you and your family are known for.
    Brother Lozano

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