Monday, June 22, 2015

Busy week

Big stone barn

Does my bottom look big in these new pants? 

This week was good for us. We managed to teach quite a few lessons. 5 investigator lessons, and got a couple of new investigators. To make it even better the whole zone had the best week that they have had since I have been zone leader here. So that was pretty sweet and everyones morales seem to be high. One of our district leaders was struggling a bit yesterday and he called us looking for some support, we talked with him for a while and it seemed to help him. We will check up on him more regularly but he is just a great guy and I love him. Rachael is progressing well, although she hasnt been to church for a couple of weeks (she was working for 2 but then didnt come for the other 1). So that was fairly disappointing. But atleast she is making some progress in other areas. She knows its all true, she just needs to be ready to commit to it. We are trying to help her with that, and she is making small steps all the time. Its great to see. 

Its been a pretty good week. It is a little weird having Elder Stoker go home so soon. He is super ready to go. I can only imagine how exhausted you get by the end of it. He has been a great missionary though, and he still is. 

Well sorry I dont have as much to fill you in on as you did for me. Most of my days I do all the same things so its really not as interesting. Love you. 

Elder Tang

It's such a beautiful country.

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