Monday, June 1, 2015

What would Elder Neideck do?

Trainer, Assistant, all round good guy.

Good to hear things are cruising along. Still weird to not know what you and the family are going to be doing, whether you wil be in Tejas or at home. 

Well this week was really good and really bad. (I just found out the computer messed up the amount of time I have, damn thats so annoying) Anyways we had like 5 new investigators this week which was really awesome. Havent had that kind of result in a week in ages. None of them are too jumpy to get baptized or anything really, but they are all investigators so I guess that cant be a bad thing haha. Well 3 of them are investigators, we dropped 2 of them already. So thats been pretty cool just to be reminded that we actually can get investigators, sometimes out here it just seems like you cant no matter what you do. But obviously you can if we just did so thats pretty sweet. 
We are trying to have Rachael make her own date for baptism, so she is working on that, but she is progressing really well, reading the book of mormon a lot more and really keen to come to church when she isnt working, so that is pretty awesome, she even bought a dress that was church appropriate, (her others were all too short she said).

This next week we are having a conference from Elder Holland! That is going to be so awesome! He is coming to speak to all of the missionaries, I am way pumped. And I will have to be getting up at like 5am to drive to edinburgh for the conference this week, so that will be SO FUN. Just kidding, but hey, I will survive. Its Elder Beneschs last transfer, and we will be going on an exchange in a couple of weeks. I will really miss that guy, we have been in the same zone with him as my zone leader or me as his for my whole mission. I will really miss him, that will be hard to say goodbye. 

Well, things are just moving along here but I have to go cause the computer messed up my time so I am going to be coming up short here soon. 

 One of my Dad's companions sisters living in Aberdeen.
Some random Aussie hat I found in a flat.

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