Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spending more time with my trainer

Hi Everyone,

Mum it was really cool to see all your photos. Especially the one with the boys and President Uchtdorf, he is just so aweosme. I am pretty jealous that I didnt get to meet him too. Not going to lie at all there. 

This week was pretty good, I really enjoyed my first week with Elder Stoker, he is really awesome. I am pretty sad that we will only have 4 weeks together. Thats just kinda rubbish. What a shame. He is awesome. 

So Rachael didnt come to church this week, and I am sure she knew she shouldve, so I am a little sad, but we had a lesson with her in the afternoon and it was a good lesson so I hope that will motivate her to make a bigger effort to come to church. I guess when you come from a culture where church is just peoples last priority then its difficult to change your view. We will just keep working on it. Aberdeen Zone performed a lot better this week. Well actually not too astronomically better but we improved, so it was awesome to see just a little progression. I had an Exchange with Elder Neideck too which was just super awesome. I always love any chance I have to see him again, he is a great Assistant too, probably one of the best this mission has seen, its just amazing to see what an amazing missionary he has become. He is consecrated to the Lord for sure. 

Nothing else too much happened this week that I can think of just now other than we had a lesson with a part member family where the mum Debbie is pretty open to having her children Jack and Zula taught the gospel. So there is quite a lot of promise there. And we set up quite a few new appointments for next week. We have had some good success inviting non members that we meet to come play bastketball with us at the church, we have an appointment to teach one of them that has been coming this week. And we have a couple of days up in the Highlands, we are going for an exchange all the way up in Thurso, 5 hour drive. Oh man. But its with Elder Benesch who also goes home this transfer, I will miss him, I love Elder Benesch. 

Well sorry there isnt too much this week but hopefully you will get some great stories next week from the appointments we will go to. Love you heaps. 

Elder Tang

Elder Benesch, been in the same Zone my whole mission, always a zone leader to other missionary relationship as well, I love this guy so much. He goes home this transfer and I will miss him so much. He taught me heaps. 

Elder Fassold and Elder Yates, funniest rednecks out there. 
By the way, those lawn chairs are Elder Yates, and he ties them to his suitcase with bungie cords whenever he moves areas! Haha it is absolutely hilarious. 

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