Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Newsletter 1. He's not the strongest writer in the world

Looks and acts like a local already..

Hello all, 

I have found myself with not much time left for my newsletter. Sorry.
The work is great, doing so much finding because we are really struggling to find people to teach. Its really good practise though because you will never be perfect at finding. 
Sister McLaen and Brother Mclaen (members in the branch) are feeding us like 3 times a week. Im sure you can all imagine that I am loving that. 

Next week I will try to manage more time for this. 

I love you all. This work is great. 

Elder Tang

On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 12:25 PM, Nathanael Tang <nathanael.tang@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Hello you four people whos emails i have. First up i love you guys, please send this to other people who love me a little bit, but not enough to email me. I understand they are busy. But i can raise my eyebrows cheekily and say i am busier than they are... Slackers. 
Jokes haha love them all. But for reals, so lonesome on a monday with like 4 emails. Not really... But really. 

Ok so hopefully you will actually understand this part of the email. 

I have been assigned to serve in the stranraer branch. Its and itty bitty little town on the south east coast of scotland. Try and find it on a map, i dare you. 
My companion is from germany, his name is elder neideck, he has a massive crush on danya (for those of you reading this who know her), i showed him photos of my friends and now he reminds me to get her email for him every single night... Hahaha he is a funny guy. Fun to work with. 
Together we make the dynamic duo taking on the most difficult people in the british isles. Literally. 

Our flat is about as old as elder packer haha but atleast it has hot water in abundance (sorry for anyone in the phillipines, not that you need hot water there) our fridge defrosted this week and flooded the kitchen, had to get every towel in the flat to mop it up, and then it just started working again... As the scottish say, i dunni can. (I dont know) 

We met all the members this week (about 16 of them) and its the smallest branch i have ever been to. Quite the experience. 
Tracting in the freezing rain has been the highlight of my finding experience. Fully getting into the scottish environment. 

Hahaha now a little more serious. 

There is a lot of work to be done here in stranraer. I am not sure how the lord can entrust so much to a boy so young with so little knowledge. But as history shows i guess thats his style. At night i find myself praying more earnestly than ever before for the people of this area. They do not know or want to know what God has for them. It can often make me sad. But God has given them to choose, and they will make their choice as i have made mine. I will serve my maker. 
I feel like alma when he said of my own strength i do not boast. But of my God i boast. 
He has power to save and he has prepared this area for the gospel, how can we let such negativity discourage us when we have God behind us who will never fail or forsake us? We can not. 

All power is his, without him I am nothing, and with him i rejoice. 

Love Elder Tang. 

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