Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Number 8 Aug 26 2014

Finally Caught up…

Well its been a cracker of a week, so busy that its actually insane.
We are moving house right now which has cut into a lot of our proselyting time, massive bummer. But wait! There is an up side, the Lord definitely blessed us in the little time that we did have out and about. We met quite a few new potential investigators and set up a lot of appointments for our week this week which is a super busy one too.
So my new born son, Elder Barton is quite the character, from guess where.... SALT LAKE CITY! Classic. Now when people ask if we are from salt lake we can no longer surprise them by being australian and german. But so far it hasnt hindered us at all. He is settling in really well, especially considering that Utah and Scotland are about as polar opposite as you can get.
We taught our Bulgarian friend Konstantin who seemed rather fascinated by the fact that he could oneday be a God, just a heads up, probably not something to bring up with a nonmember when they dont know a whole lot about church doctrine. But he just has so many weird questions, its a learning experience for sure. Its funny how you make lesson plans that never seem to work how you want them too, but i am convinced if we didnt make them we would be the most horrible teachers ever. That obedience business, its actually crazy how true it is.
Speaking of obedience we listened to a fantastic mtc devotional from elder holland about the mission call being forever. quality stuff, and he said "I hate talking about obedience, but seeing as obedience is the first law of EVERYTHING, being obedient is about as eternal as anything I could ever say to you." Even God is obedient, ponder that for a while, I promise it will be satisfying.
Becoming a trainer has offered heaps of opportunity to grow. Its amazing how quickly you learn to swim when you are tossed in with a 20ft wave. HAHA I know that sounds funny but its an eternal truth, God stretches us, makes us trust him more. This week made me think, "WOOWWW, God really knows what he is doing."
That he does my dearly loved ones.
The Fight Goes On, Lets all get involved.

ELder Tang

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