Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Number 4 July 7

First off, sorry I probably am missing some people on this. But Im sure they will survive. 

Newsletter for this week. 

So the last few weeks we have seen some more progress in the right direction. We finally got our investigator Bridget to church. Massive step for her and for me. Its my first investigator at church. Cool stuff right? Stranraer is a really small place and I am starting to learn every ones faces... Thats not so good hahha. I hope we dont run out of people rto talk to. That would make things tough. 

Loving the Mission life. We had moves call and Elder Neideck and I are staying together for another 6 weeks. Which is awesome! But not too surprising because im still on the rookie first 12 week program and they probably wouldnt move me from my trainer before my training is done. So looking at another 6 weeks in the beautiful Stranraer, not bad eh? 

We fixed Daves printer this week (which means we plugged it in and turned it on [he is the husband of a lady in our branch, not a member]) and he was really grateful. Then we read the Book of Mormon with him, 1 Nephi 4 and 5. He enjoyed it. Then he said the prayer! He has never prayed with missionaries before and they have been going over for like a whole year. He is starting to come round, slowly. But hey, the tortoise won the race didnt he? 

Elder Neideck and I decided that we really wanted to know what it would be like if we were celestial beings. And I had a wonderful idea, and Ill attach a picture. So if you see us like that after we die, you will know whats going on. (special note- no proselyting time was wasted in this photography experiment) haha just in case you think im apostate... im not. 

I love you all dearly and hope life is treating you all lovely. 
Take care.


Elder Tang.     

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