Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Number 6 Aug 4 2014

Such a beautiful Country..

Well this are becoming more and more of a rarity... 

Welcome to Elder Tangs week in Stranraer Scotland. And what a week it has been. Sorry for those who think I have neglected them, apparently though i spend way too much time writing personal emails and not enough time doing these big ones. But needless to say i found about 10 minutes today. haha

This week was crazy, so busy. We taught 8 investigator and less active lessons which is almost double what we normally do. And we have been running around, appointments dodged, books placed, names taken, conversations, pamphlets, cards, trying but not succeeding in getting referrals haha. Safe to say its been a big week. 

Story of the week. Lady named Grace in our ward, been battling cancer for years. Beat it a couple of times, although i dont know if you say she beat it if it comes back. Anyways its back, and in her tongue of all places. So today she is in sugery getting the tumor removed. (im not sure if you call it a tumor, good thing im not going into medicine) And she is so faithful its crazy. Asked her how she was, she said im ok, the Lord wont give me anything I cant handle. Elder Neideck and I were just stunned. We have no idea how a little old lady (dont mention i said old) could be so brave. But she is! Its Wild! 

Other than that, Elder Neideck and I found a sweet EFY version of Praise to the Man, with the Bagpipes and everything. For those of you who may not know, praise to the man is sung to the tune scotland the brave, classic folk song. So we have been driving around stranraer and have listened to it maybe 50 times. You cant listen to it and not know that Joseph was a Prophet, crazy stuff. And sister McGilvary (who i could possibly be related to) said she would get me a chanter, which is the pipe that you play the notes on from the bagpipe that i can take around with me and learn. which would be cool because maybe then i could learn the pipes when i get home. Thatd be an experience. And it would be sweet to sit around in a kilt and play. maybe not in public though. 

Well I love you all and hope you are well. Sorry if i hadnt replied to any mail. i tried really hard to get to everyone. but just know that i love you all. 

Youre all the man. 

Elder Tang

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