Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Number 5 July 14 2014 Missionary Selfies

Missionary Selfies on a swing!

Not a newsletter, but a letter to his Mum worth reading. He might not write to everyone every week, but he does write his Mother every week. What a Good Lad.

My Dearest Mother. This week went really fast. But we didnt really have any lessons with investigators so that was a little disappointing. But I have a story. So we are moving flats soon because our flat is really nasty, and we have been looking for a new flat. Remember that for later. And we have a talk in the car from Elder Holland where he talks about his "standard speech for missionaries" where he says its always hard. Its always the last 5 minutes of the day, its always the last house, its always raining. Inspirational talk. Anyways so we were tracting in the pouring rain (atleast my upperbody was dry cause of my new jacket that I got... I figured out that jackets without hoods are useless in scotloand) and we had knocked the whole street with no success. We had only about 4 doors left, and we only had 10 minutes until we needed to go back to the flat for language study (not curfew) It was about 7:50. And so we went to knock these last few houses, and the LAST HOUSE, rain started coming down even heavier, and a man opened the door. Spoke to us for about 2 minutes, then invited us in to sit with him and his wife. That has never happened to me, we have never been invited in off the doorstep. So we went in and started talking. Doing the how to begin teaching points from Preach my Gospel, more like a conversation than a lesson. And at the end, Campell (the mans name) said to us, "well, i wouldnt say that you have converted me, but you sure are some great young guys" (or something like that) and then we asked if we could return to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon to read, and they said definitely yes. That was really cool. And then just in talking they mentioned that they have a friend who is trying to find someone to rent a flat he owns in town. And he gave us the number for the man! The blessings in that hour that we were there were crazy. 

So thats the story. 7 weeks in the field now. And I am over the halfway point with my training, which means that soon I will be a normal missionary. That has gone so fast. Its actually crazy how fast it all goes. Its good to see the pics of the little mates. I hope they are doing well. Thats so interesting that my baby blessing said that I would have the patience of Job, because I really think that patience is something I have really grown in over the last year. Like a lot. I have been able to be patient and push through things I never could have. Not just in the mission field either, but when I was living in Australia. I wish I had a copy of my baby blessing, that would be cool to read. Tell me anything else you remember about it please. Its really crazy how I have felt my faith growing a lot lately. Thats a really important thing, without faith your ability to endure will crumble (President Eyring said that, see Mountains to Climb) Great talk. I have some more good scriptures for you to read mum. Check out D&C 31. Its a short one. But it gives me a lot of comfort while I am out here, especially when things with the boys dont always go too well. 

I love you mum, I know the Lord is looking after you and me. And the whole family. Righteousness is the key to happiness. And the Lord knows your feelings better than you know them yourself. 


Elder Tang.

heres a photo of us on some swings. (I promise we actuaslly do work hard) 

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